Time-resolved fluoroimmunoassay (TR-FIA) (Analytical method)

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NameTime-resolved fluoroimmunoassay (TR-FIA)
ClassificationAnalytical methods > Ligand binding assay > Immunoassay

Publications with Time-resolved fluoroimmunoassay (TR-FIA)

TitleFirst authorYear
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Plasma equol concentration is not associated with breast cancer and fibrocystic breast conditions among women in Shanghai, ChinaAtkinson2016
Isoflavones from phytoestrogens and gastric cancer risk: a nested case-control study within the Korean Multicenter Cancer CohortKo2010
The protective association of high plasma enterolactone with breast cancer is reasonably robust in women with polymorphisms in the estrogen receptor alpha and beta genesSonestedt2009
Enterolactone is differently associated with estrogen receptor beta-negative and -positive breast cancer in a Swedish nested case-control studySonestedt2008
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Serum enterolactone concentration is not associated with prostate cancer risk in a nested case-control studyKilkkinen2003
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Plasma enterolactone and risk of colon and rectal cancer in a case-cohort study of Danish men and womenJohnsen2010

Biomarker data

Measurements of biomarkers by Time-resolved fluoroimmunoassay (TR-FIA)

Concentration values

IDParent IDDepthSubject groupPopulationCountryCohortBiomarker Time definitionBiospecimenAnalytical methodBiomarkerBiomarker detailMeasurement sizeDetected (nb)Detected (%)Detected only?Arithmethic meanArithmethic SDGeometric meanGeometric SDMinMin (detected)Percentile_05Percentile_10Percentile_25MedianPercentile_75Percentile_90Percentile_95MaxInterquartile rangeMean 95% CI lowerMean 95% CI upperGMean 95% CI lowerGMean 95% CI upperUnitConverted arithmetic meanConverted geometric meanConverted medianConverted unitAdjustment typeAdjusted onRegressed onExpressed asPublication

Reproducibility values

IDExcretion IDSubject groupPopulationCountryCohortBiomarker Time definitionBiospecimenAnalytical methodBiomarkerBiomarker detailArithmetic meanGeometric meanMedianUnitAdjusted onReproducibility sizeICCICC 95% CI lowerICC 95% CI upperCV% WSCV% BSVAR WSVAR BSPublication

Associations of biomarkers measured by Time-resolved fluoroimmunoassay (TR-FIA) and exposures

Correlation values

IDIntake IDExcretion IDSubject groupPopulationCountryCohortIntake Time definitionIntake Assessment methodIntakeIntake detailSupplement intakes included?Intake Arithmetic meanIntake Geometric meanIntake MedianIntake UnitIntake Adjusted onBiomarker Time definitionBiospecimenAnalytical methodBiomarkerBiomarker detailBiomarker Arithmetic meanBiomarker Geometric meanBiomarker MedianBiomarker UnitBiomarker Adjusted onCorrelation sizeCorrelation typeCorrelation valueCorrelation 95% CI lowerCorrelation 95% CI upperCorrelation p-valueSignificant?Measurement adjustmentDeattenuated?CovariatesPublication

Metabolomic associations

IDIntake IDExcretion IDSubject groupPopulationCountryCohortNo. of subjectsIntake Assessment methodIntakeIntervention doseBiospecimenAnalytical methodBiomarkerStructural identificationFeature selectionArea under curveSensitivitySpecificityPLS-DA VIPBeta coefficientBeta coefficient p-valueANOVA p-valuePublication

Associations of biomarkers measured by Time-resolved fluoroimmunoassay (TR-FIA) and cancer risk

Cancer associations

IDExcretion IDSubject groupPopulationCountryCohortNo. of subjectsNo. of casesNo. of controlsBiospecimenAnalytical methodBiomarkerBiomarker detailCancerStudy designPublication