Trejo-Acevedo 2012

TitleAssessment of the levels of persistent organic pollutants and 1-hydroxypyrene in blood and urine samples from Mexican children living in an endemic malaria area in Mexico
AuthorsTrejo-Acevedo, A.; Rivero-Perez, N. E.; Flores-Ramirez, R.; Orta-Garcia, S. T.; Varela-Silva, J. A.; Perez-Maldonado, I. N.
JournalBull Environ Contam Toxicol
PubMed ID22415648


IDParent IDDepthSubject groupPopulationCountryCountry codeEthnicityCohortHealth conditionSmoker proportionSupplement users excluded?GenderFemale proportionSizeAge meanAge SDAge minAge maxAge medianHeight meanHeight SDHeight minHeight maxHeight medianWeight meanWeight SDWeight minWeight maxWeight medianBMI meanBMI SDBMI minBMI maxBMI median

Biomarker concentration values

IDParent IDDepthSubject groupPopulationCountryCountry codeCohortBiomarker Time definitionBiospecimenAnalytical methodBiomarkerBiomarker detailMeasurement sizeDetected (nb)Detected (%)Detected only?Arithmethic meanArithmethic SDGeometric meanGeometric SDMinMin (detected)Percentile_05Percentile_10Percentile_25MedianPercentile_75Percentile_90Percentile_95MaxInterquartile rangeMean 95% CI lowerMean 95% CI upperGMean 95% CI lowerGMean 95% CI upperUnitConverted arithmetic meanConverted geometric meanConverted medianConverted unitAdjustment typeAdjusted onRegressed onExpressed as

Intake values

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Correlation values

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Metabolomics data

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Reproducibility values

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